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Smart Wax Graphene

Wax Based Chain lubricant Graphene enhaced


Probably you have heard about Smart Wax. the Wax based lubricant with an outstanding water resistance. Clean, effective and easy to use.
Now, thanks to the addition of Graphene Nanoparticles, Smart Wax Graphene improves its performace, lasting longer and drastically reducing the friction.
Does not stain  and does not build up dirt.
Allows smoother shifting and extends drivetrain lifespan. Reduces dramatically chainshuck.


Outstanding lubrication

Thanks to its excellent lubrication power and low friction;

  • Extends drivetrain lifespan
  • Allows smoother shifting
  • Dramatically reduces chainshuck
  • Virtually eliminates any drivetrain noise
  • Less friction, more power

Does not Stain!

No more black ankles.

Less Friction

Lees friction means more power!


Protect your drivetrain and chain against corrosion.


100% Biodegradable

Water resistant

Proabably the highest water resistance in the market.