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Smart Sealer

Puncture prevention with AEROPOLYMER

Smart Sealer, is an instant effect puncture prevention liquid, containing our exclusive particle  Aeropolymer.

Aeropolymer is a low density polymer, fiber shaped, that seals instantly punctures up to 7,5 mm. Moreover, thanks to its fiber shape, it creates a highly durable puncture fix.

It is Co2 compatible. Does not harm rims or tyres. Stays liquid for at least 8 months in normal conditions.

Smart Sealer contains, among others, natural latex and synthetic Polymers.



Seals almost instantly

Punctures up to 4 mm. are completely closed in less than 0,5 sec.

Punctures between 5 and 8 mm. are fixed in 1 to 2 seconds.


Seals Instantly

Up to 7,5 mm.

Seals up to 7,5 mm.


Can be used in tubed, tubless or tubless ready


Long Lasting seal


Low density particle