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Degreaser PRO

High Performance Bike Degreaser

Degreaser Pro, is formulated with a well-studied hydrocarbon mixture.
DP is non flammable and has a pleasant aroma.

With a slow evaporation rate, it delivers a high performance, cleaning or softening greases.

It can be used by spraying, but it is also suitable for cleaning parts by immersion.


  • Spray the parts to be cleaned. Spray with Degreaser Pro. Let it work for 2-5 minutes. Use a brush if necessary.

    Dry with a cloth or compressed air.

    Alternatively, the parts to be cleaned can be immersed in a container with the product.

Saves Time

Degreaser Pro is particularly effective, eliminating old and even partially solidified greases, noticeably softening them, and reducing the time required for the bike degreasing operation.

Alta Eficacia

High dissolving capacity


In matte finishes, on carbon fiber, and on anodized surfaces.


Controlled evaporation rate = Maximum performance.


It reduces the cleaning time

No necesita aclarado

No water rinsing is necessary.