Smart Sealer

Puncture prevention with AEROPOLYMER

Smart Sealer, is an instant effect puncture prevention liquid, containing our exclusive particle  Aeropolymer.

Aeropolymer is a low density polymer, fiber shaped, that seals instantly punctures up to 7,5 mm. Moreover, thanks to its fiber shape, it creates a highly durable puncture fix.

It is Co2 compatible. Does not harm rims or tyres. Stays liquid for at least 8 months in normal conditions.

Smart Sealer contains, among others, natural latex and synthetic Polymers.


  • Minimum advised quantities:

    MTB 26″ – 60 ml. per tyre

    MTM 27,5″ – 70 ml. per tyre

    MTB 29″ – 90 ml. per tyre

    Fat Bike – 150 ml. per tyre

    On Road – 40 ml.

    1. Introduce the recommended quantity of Smart Sealer. It can be added directly trough the core valve or in tubeless right before inflating the tyre.  If the liquid is injected trough the valve, it is advised to place the rim at “8 o’clock”.
    2. Inflate tyre
    3. Shake the tyre in different directions, to allow the liquid to impregante the whole inner surface. This step is specially important when dealing with tubeless and tubeless ready tyres.  

    Smart Sealer will reamin liquid at least 8 months under normal conditions. It is advisable to check liquid every 3 months, depending on the usage and add some fresh Smart sealer every 6 months.

  • Ref: MB-700
    Trading Size:  125 ml. Disoenser bottle/ 4,25 Fl. Oz.

    Ref: MB-700-5

    Trading size: 5 liter Jerrican (workshop)



Seals almost instantly

Punctures up to 4 mm. are completely closed in less than 0,5 sec.

Punctures between 5 and 8 mm. are fixed in 1 to 2 seconds.









Seals Instantly

Up to 7,5 mm.

Seals up to 7,5 mm.


Can be used in tubed, tubless or tubless ready


Long Lasting seal


Low density particle