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Smart Cleaner RTU

High Performance Bike Cleaner

Developed with specific surfactants to remove dirt and grime. Effective for mud and grease. Contains special waxes to keep your bike clean for longer.  Protects and revitalizes plastic parts, thanks to the addition of last generation silanes. Also includes a powerful corrosion inhibitor, to keep your bike always in perfect condition.
Contain drying agents to speed drying process and to avoid lime spots.

Smart Cleaner has been developed to remove grime, protecting the bike finishing, thanks to the protective wax layer created. Under normal conditions, avoids the undesired use of high presure water machines.

  • Rinse your bike with water. Spray Smart Cleaner on the bike still wet. Let it work for 4-5 minutes. Use a brush if needed. Rinse with fresh water.


  • Ref: MB-100
    Trigger Spray 500 ml. / 16,90 Fl. Oz

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  • Smart Cleaner Concentred

    Degreaser BIO

Saves Time, effort, and of course…. Water!!!





Oil, dust, mud, tar… Almost nothing resists Smart Cleaner!


Safe in Aluminium and carbon fiber


Not only cleans, but revitalizes plastic parts.
Contains a powerful corrosion inhibitor


100% Biodegradable

Fast Drying

Leaving no water spots