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Degreaser FAST

Fast Action degreaser

Degreaser Fast, is fast action cleaner based on rganic solvents.

It is safe on any material or bike part. It does not need rinse. It has a well valanced evaporation rate. Thanks to this property Degreaser fast features a higher performance than most of  alike products in the market. 

It does not leave any residue.

Cleaning and degreasing metal parts and disk brakes.

  • Spray only in a well ventilated area.

    Spray from 15 cm from the surface to be cleaned.

    Degreaser Fast is safe on the following plastics:

    PE, HDPE, PP, ABS. If the nature of the plastic to be treated is unknown, we advice to ake a prevoious test prior to use on the whole surface.

  • Ref: MB-150
    Available: 400 ml. Spray


     Download TDS


Controlled evaporation

High performance


Safe on plastics, Carbon and aluminium.


No need to rinse.