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MP 70

Multi Purpose lubricant PTFE reinforced

MP70 is a multiuse lubricant with a high content of PTFE. It protects against rust. Thanks to it low viscosity it penetrates, displaces humidity and creates a PTFE protective layer that keeps surfaces cleaner for longer.

MP70 is also distinguished for its high performance. so it is adviced to use small quantities. Cleans and disolve rust and frees metal parts.


  • Spray the product outodoor or in a well ventilated area. Shake well before using.

    Apply thin layers. Spraying hin layers with an ocasional maintenance gives better protection than using thick layers.

    Avoid spraying on braking surfaces or handlers. The product creates a slippery surface.

    Can be used as cleaner + Lubricant (2 in 1) on mild dirt.

    Let it air dry. Do not rub or clean to let the PTFE create the protective layer.


  • Ref: MB-300
    Available:  400 ml. Spray



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  • Degreaser BIO

    Degreaser Fast

Thanks to its high PTFE content, reduces friction and provides long lasting lubrication effect. 


Reduces Friction

High lubrication capacity. PTFE reinforced.


Prevents corrosion.

Displaces Water

Displaces water and humidity.