Merlin RefleX

Merlin Reflex is a Sprays system that provides night visibility. .

Thanks to its light reflexion technology it is non visible with day light, but highly reflective during in the dark.

It is available in 2 versions;

Personal – To be used in garments and shoes.  Fast drying. It is washeable. Only contains simple alcohols. Non-toxic. 

Pets – For animals, such as dogs, horses, cats. It naturally dissapears with time. Waterborne. pH adjusted to animal skin. 

  • backpack
  • spray_A
  • Boots
  • Bici_hol



Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Merlin Reflex, reflects the light in the same direction as the light hits the treatred surface.

    When a car light hits the object, they are the occupants of the car who are watching the effect. 

  • Personal is a washeable spray to be applied on garments and shoes. It can also be applied on bike tires. The effect is lost gradually after 5 days.

    Pets, works in a similar way than personal, but it is waterborne and the carrier has been especially developed for animal skin.

  • It is completely normal. Merlin Reflex works with the retroreflection principle. So only teh person who is behind the light emitter will see the reflective effect.


  • The most effective way to check the effect is taking a picture with your smartphone, enabling flash. Also using a flashlight at eye-level can give you an idea about the final effect.


  • Merlin Reflex is more effective in cotton clothes, fleeces, socks amd running shoes and less effective in full synthetic fabrics.

    Our recomendation is to use Merlin Reflex in shoes, shorts, and low parts, since the car lights tends to direct towards the ground.